Day to Day

A Typical Day

A typical day on the Think! course consists of classes in the morning and early afternoon untiil 1420. The classes are interactive in nature and intesrpersed with discussion work and small group activities which you should find stimulating and enjoyable.

There are activity sessions on most afternoons and you will have the opportunity to try kayaking, climbing, and archery. On one afternoon in the first week, there will be a trip to Cardiff, the capital of Wales, and on one afternoon in the second week a trip to the beach at Porthcawl.

After dinner, there is a final one hour session which typically consists of an activity, game, or drama. One of the highlight of these sessions is our famous Two Flags game.

After 1930, you are free to study, play soccer or tennis, or simply relax. Most evenings there is a disco in the Social Centre which runs from 2100 to 2230. Other evening events include a ceilidh (traditional welsh folk-dancing) and a karaoke.

Daily Timetable

The daily timetable will typically be as follows:

0745-0815 Breakfast
0820-0830 Notices
0830-0920 Session 1
0925-1015 Session 2
1015-1045 Break
1045-1135 Session 3
1140-1230 Session 4
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1420 Session 5
1530-1715 Activities
1730-1800 Dinner
1830-1930 Group & Project work
2000-2300 Social activities & study time
2300- Check-in

Pastoral Care

Staff The summer school team have extensive experience of life in residential schools and summer schools. Although we cannot accept any legal liability, every effort will be made to ensure your will being throughout the course. Male and female staff will be on hand throughout the course to give you help and advise, and to ensure your safety and welfare.

Free Time You will have a certain amount of free time during the course. However, you should only leave campus at the designated times; and, as a common sense precaution, you should not go out alone. We also ask you to carry our emergency contact number with you at all times.

Dress Dress is informal throughout the summer course. The temperature in Wales in July can vary greatly from around 15 to 25 degrees. So you should bring not only T-shirts, but also a warm jumper and a waterproof. Please also be sure to bring your own towel and toiletries as these are not provided.